why mormons suck donkey balls

i will expound on the theme of mormonism, mormons, their origin, history, teachings and, most of all, why millions of people around the world suck donkey balls. fear not, loyal reader, i will also give credit to the not shitty things that they do.

that concludes the what. i reserve the right to amend this description and the purview of this blog at any time because, well, it’s my fucking blog.


but why? why would i “persecute” such a lovely people as those that call themselves “saints”? (hint: re-read that last question. who the fuck calls themselves “saints”? answer: asshats.) as a disclaimer i was born into a mormon family. i attended mormon church for two and a half decades. i was fully and completely immersed and indoctrinated in its teachings. i was baptized while wearing the super glamorous white jumpsuit. i earned my Faith in God award. i participated in Young Women’s and got the fancy pants medallions. i was thisclose to going on a mission, not because i wasn’t married, oh no, because i WANTED to. i went to the temple, got my endowment and was sealed to my opposite sex spouse.

and everything blew the fuck up into my face.

spoiler alert: when one claims to be 100% right it leaves room for 0% error.