How the Mormon church is like an emotionally manipulative and overbearing parent

I have, hands down, the sweetest, most giving and patient mother-in-law. But I wonder if she would still be as selfless as she is if eternal damnation and separation from her family wasn’t held over her head.

In the church you’re taught to never say no to anything asked of you otherwise you’re a selfish bastard who hates Jesus and babies.* Maybe they’re trying to drain you of your will to live so you’re easier to take advantage of.

There’s a system that, in theory, is supposed to make sure everyone is cared for and no one falls through the cracks. In reality it’s a fucking waste of time-or more busy work to keep the masses distracted from real problems with the church-where you’re forced to interact with assholes. For women this is called visiting teaching.

There is a woman my mother-in-law, I’ll call her M, visits who has learned that M cannot say no. In the last week M has lent her money three different times and taken her food that would last a week. M has told me that she is always assigned someone like this woman. In a world where people respect boundaries this would never happen. The woman would be getting help directly from the church (when they’re not spending money on extravagant buildings and for profit businesses and living “stipends” for their non-paid clergy) or, hell, even from the community.

Mormonism has created millions of gullible doormats. Should you ever have a MLM or ponzi scheme you’re looking to promote just look up the mormons in your community. And then send me the finder’s fee.

*slight exaggeration


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