You mean that’s not normal??

It’s amazing the sort of crap mormons think is socially acceptable. I’ll start with the most recent WTF moments that have happened to me.

A woman that I’ve never talked to and have only seen at church (which I stopped attending two years ago) called me to ask me if  I would come to a dinner party at her house. And, oh, could I bring something made of potatoes for 12 people. Hells yes! That sounds awesome! Oh. Wait. No, no it does not.

I occasionally play Bunco with my mormon mommy friends. Someone on the email list thought it’d be good marketing to hit ‘Reply All’ and send out an invite to a Scentsy party. I have no idea who the fuck she is. I don’t recognize her name, I’ve never met her, I’ve never even heard her talked about. If someone can write an epically nasty email back in response I will PayPal you $5.

My mother wanted to know what underwear I had on. MY MOTHER. In fact, Mormons in general have this obsession with underwear and who’s wearing what. It’s absolutely disturbing in the world of normal context. And yet, Mormons just don’t see it like that. They see it as a litmus test for righteousness.

Mormonism is a total mind-fuck. That’s why those who’ve left have a hard time “leaving it alone”; it literally takes years to unlearn this shit.


Say what up, bitches!

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